Adult Ed

Grace Chapel Adult Education is an equipping ministry designed to serve people by offering short-term classes aimed at developing core biblical, theological, and practical competencies (i.e. foundational building blocks) of the Christian faith.

Historically, the term catechesis (i.e. “formal instruction”) has been used for how the church has passed on “the faith that was once for all delivered to the saints” (Jude 1:3).  In a sense, our classes are modern-day version of this. We're not trying to do anything drastically creative or inventive.  It's just a fresh take at an ancient practice.

All classes are held on Sundays at 9:00am at Grace Chapel unless otherwise indicated.

Fall 2017 Sunday morning and mid-week OPPORTUNITIES

Sign ups begin September 10 unless otherwise noted.

SUNDAY MORNING - 9:00-10:00am, begins September 17

“I Married You" (for Couples and Singles)

Facilitator: Frank Augustine

Topic: Marriage – “I Married You” by Walter Trobish

Purpose: This class is for married couples but also (maybe even more so) for single people interested in marriage. 90% of what the world says about getting and staying married is a lie. This class will be a survey of the Old and New Testaments to discover the biblical principles behind marriage. This is not so much a "what do we do" but more of a "what do we aim for" discussion. We will discuss the covenantal, emotional and physical relationships of marriage as well as roles and responsibilities and what it means to be equally yoked. 

Format: Group discussion

Homework:  One chapter per week and weekly bible readings 

Preparation Level: Up to one hour per week which should be completed to grasp the concepts of the course.

"One Thousand Gifts" – Ladies Only

Facilitators: Jen Billings, Barbara LaBate

Purpose: To fellowship with each other while exploring the concepts in Ann Voskamp’s book. “One Thousand Gifts beckons you to leave the parched ground of pride, fear, and white-knuckle control and abandon yourself to the God who overflows your cup. As Ann Voskamp invites you into her own moments of grace, she gently teaches you how to biblically lament loss, turning pain into poetry; intentionally embrace a lifestyle of radical gratitude; and slow down and catch God in the moment.” - from One Thousand Gifts

Format: Group discussion

Homework: One chapter per week 

Preparation Level: 30-60 minutes per week

Prayer Gathering

Facilitators: Bill and Betty Casey

Purpose: To gather in prayer for needs within our congregation, community, nation and world.


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Emotionally Healthy Relationships - Thursdays, 6:30pm, Sept 21 - Nov. 9, at GC

Facilitators: Bill & Betty Casey

Purpose: In Emotionally Healthy Relationships, eight practical tools are presented and practiced for improving communication skills with family, co-workers, friends, etc.  Examples are as follows:  clarify expectations versus assuming others will read our minds; learn the art of listening well, even when we don't agree with what's being said; accept and process emotions in a healthy way; discover how to fight in a "clean" way, without blaming, avoidance, or using words like "always" and "never";  investigate the communication patterns of our family of origin; and more.  The skills taught in this Bible based group are modeled through a DVD, class facilitators and role playing within break-out groups.  Fellowship, sharing and humor are a big part of the class.

Childcare: No

Financial Peace University (FPU) – Wednesdays, Sept. 20 – Nov. 15, 6:30pm at GC

Do you want to learn about God's way of handling money? Financial Peace University is a nine-week class designed to help you increase your savings, crush debt, and build for the future. Classes will run on Wednesdays from September 20 - November 15 at 6:30pm. Cost is approximately $100.00. Scholarships are available (please contact the office). Register here

Childcare: Yes

Preparation Level: Up to one hour per week

Prayer Gathering - Wednesdays, 7:00pm at GC

Facilitators: Phil DeLoria

Purpose: To gather in prayer for needs within our congregation, community, nation and world.

World Religions – Wednesdays, 7-8pm at GC, Sept. 20 - Dec. 13, at GC

Facilitator: Jake Ingram

Purpose: To gain an introductory understanding of the major religions of the world, to discern points of commonality as well as critical differences with Christianity, to develop an attitude of respect for people who hold beliefs different from our own, to gain a deeper appreciation for God’s work of redemption through Jesus, and to explore ways to share the love of God with those from different faith backgrounds.

Format: Lecture, group discussion, and optional homework

Lecture content: Exploring the history, teachings, and practices of Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Mormonism. 

Discussion topics: Religious pluralism (is it possible that all the religions are equally valid?) Do Muslims and Christians worship the same God? Who is practicing Islam correctly – the extremists or the moderates? Should we try to convert people from other faiths? What does it mean that no one comes to God except through Jesus? (John 14:6; Acts 4:12)

Optional Homework: Selected readings from various religious texts (Qur’an, Book of Mormon, Bhagavad Gita, etc.) and religious service visits.

Childcare: Yes  

Preparation Level: Some, including optional homework