Community Groups

Be the Church. To each other. To the world.

Embedded deep within us is a desire to belong.  We hunger for community. You have probably often heard it said that humans were "made for relationships."  But have you ever wondered why?  We believe that God made us this way to reflect himself. Humans were "made in the image of God" (Gen. 1:26), and Scripture tells us that God is a three-person God--a Trinity.  He is Father, Son, and Spirit, a loving community of perfect persons who have lived together in harmony and joy for all eternity.

Because of this, we seek to live in community and experience the transforming power of the gospel together.  We seek to do this in what we call community groups.  Committing to a community group is not mainly committing to a meeting.  It's committing to a group of people.

A community group is a group of people who grow together, struggle together, laugh and cry together, serve together, and reach the lost together.  When we see a community group this way, we begin to realize that this is not just "a ministry" of the church, but the primary vehicle by which we will disciple each other and take the gospel to those who don't yet know Jesus.  In other words, community groups are where life happens and where the doors for transformation and mission swing wide open!

If you are interested in a community group or just want to learn more about what it's like to live in Christian community, contact Pastor Josh Billings.